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So I have decided to have a giveaway, since I havent given back to you guys yet. I got a better paying job recently so now I can actually afford things like this, so im super excited!
Okay so here are the rules!
The grand prize winner will get everything seen above! Second place winner will receive any 2 items from above. 3rd place winner will receive one of the items! You get to choose which ones of course.

All you have to do is:

  • Follow me. I will check.
  • Reblog as many times as you like. Please do not spam your followers because of my giveaway! ;A ;
  • Like if you must, but they will not count as entries.

For the Kigurumi, It doesnt have to be any of the animals on the picture, so if it isnt listed thats okay. The phonecharms will come all together.Winners will be announced on Halloween!Also make sure you are okay with giving me your address so I can have them directly shipped to you.

Good luck!

My daughter made this for me. My name is Deborah Santoro and my story was recently just shared for my beloved dog Jasmine and cat Ozzy, to be adopted or foster. I am currently trying to find a job. I am a CNA of 30+ years. Recently I was staying with a “friend,” and she locked me out of the house not allowing me to get into my animals. Since this women has FOUR cats of her own I did not think should would abuse my animals in this manor. She threw my three indoor cats, Dorry (still missing), Timmy (still missing), and Ozzy (found) into the woods. When I was finally allowed to come Jamine and Ozzy I could just tell something was wrong. I was told they were not fed or watered for days. I am still searching for my cats, searching for a job and currently living in my car. My goal is to just get on my feet so I can find a place to stay with my babies


Please share this story!! That’s all just share!

Please share

The sad story of a women , homeless, in her car with a dog and 2 cats. Missing one cat that was dumped in the woods by a “friend” what type of life is that

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